TI-99/4A Software Museum

This page hosts some of my first ever programs. Written in TI BASIC and TI Extended BASIC. They are probably full of bugs, omissions, and lack any serious error checking... but of course I love them! Please don't take them seriously! Most of these were written when I was 14-16 years old. Since I have not yet completed recovery of all my old tapes, programs will appear here at a slow rate. Also some of the programs will need modifications, mostly translation to English - since instructions and messages are in Greek mostly. (Thanks to CALL CHAR for allowing foreign character sets to be designed!)

The programs are compatible with most emulators - I suggest you download my favourite Classic 99 emulator by Tursi (See also the Links page). They are stored in FIAD format (Files in a Directory). More programs will come shortly.

Please Note: These programs are my creations. I do have magazine listings for the TI but I will not publish them due to copyright issues.

TI Invaders - TI BASIC

Download here - invade4.zip

Use the number keys 1 to 0 to fire the corresponding laser cannon against the alien. Try to make a high score within the time limit. I promise you the game is so addictive, you will be searching for the BREAK key after 30 seconds :) (It is ALT-4 in the Classic99 emulator or FCTN-4 in a real TI) I named this game before actually finding out there is a TI cartridge called TI Invaders!

Sprite Definition - TI Extended BASIC

Download here - sprdef1.zip

Based on the Auto Character Definition program found in the User's Reference Manual, but written in Extended BASIC and specifically tailored to designing 4 character sprites! Use 1 to mark and block and move forward and 0 to unmark. Arrow keys move around the grid (No FCTN required, just E,S,D,X) Press Enter to view the codes and sample sprite. A useful program indeed.

TI Extended BASIC Manual - Word Format

Download here - manual.zip

Need to brush up your TI Extended BASIC concepts? Don't know where the manual is? Why not use this electronic version then. In original A5 format, as I scanned and OCR from the original book! Microsoft Word (DOC) format.