My Original 99/4A

My original trusty TI-99/4A in beige color. Bought in 1984 and used for three years. There were plenty of occasions where it was running for more than 12 hours per day! It still is in really excellent condition.

In Action

The above system in action. The picture quality is excellent. This is a PAL 99/4A and there is a modulator not shown in this picture. The plugged cartridge is TI EXTENDED BASIC. This is also my original cartridge. I now have two more Extended BASIC cartridges, thanks to ebay.

Black / Silver Console

My black / silver 99, obtained through ebay. This also a PAL model purchased from a German guy. It is in very good condition and boxed. The plugged module is also Extended BASIC, the only black Extended BASIC I got. A Speech synthesizer is also attached.

In Action

Front view of the above system. And yes the little black box on the left of the TV Set is a Playstation 2 on a vertical stand. I'll take some pictures of it some day as well. Stay tuned.