Essential 99 Links

There are pretty many sites with TI-99 information (All links open in new windows):

  • The Home Computer pages by Rich Polvka. One of the more important 99 sites and a gateway for many other sites. Loads of information, downloads and links. Updated regularly.
  • Area 99 - Reminds me of my 99er years.
  • TI 99 Forever - Very interesting and well organized site, but in French! ouch!
  • The 99/4 not A page - Want to see the computer TI created before the 99/4A? It was the 99/4. Very rare and really collectable.
  • TI-99 Shrine - Massive info, pics, downloads...
  • Classic 99 by Tursi - My favourite 99 emulator for Windows. Latest version also supports sprite collision detection.

The above list is only a small fragment of available 99 links. If you would like to exchange links with me please send me an email