TI 92 Plus Software

This page hosts some of my TI-92 Plus programs. I mainly use the 92 for math and science, and have also used it in teaching to demonstrate math concepts. I have not written many programs for it yet, but I am slowly building a library (If only I had this when I was a student!) Download any of the following programs and modify them if you need to suit your needs. The programs can be sent to the calculator using the TI Graph Link cable and software. Screen shots have been taken by using this software as well. The programs can also be run in the 92 Plus emulator, Virtual TI. Visit www.ticalc.org for more information.

Trigonometric Circle

Download here - trigcir.zip

This simple program draws the trigonometric circle and then asks for an angle in radians. It then shows the angle in the circle. The program to execute is trigcir()

Electronics: Resistor Identification

Download here - resist.zip

Use this program to identify a resistors value by the color bands, or select a value and get the colors. The program is menu driven and very easy to use. The zip file contains several files, make sure you send them all to your calculator. The program to execute is resist()