The Texas Instruments 99/4A

The 99/4A was my first machine, and as such it has a very special meaning for me.

I bought it at the age of 14, and this September it will be 18 years old.

I got the beige console (I have never seen the black / silver console sold in Greece)

I recently however acquired a black / silver console as well thanks to ebay.

Both consoles work great and I still use them from time to time. See my TI-99/4A page for programs and info.

The Texas Instruments TI-92 Plus

The TI-92 Plus is a programmable calculator with an advanced Computer Algebra System (CAS). It is programmable in a version of TI-BASIC (but can also be programmed in assembly language).

It is one of the most powerful calculators around. I purchased this last year and it is a real pleasure to program it.

More information and programs for TI-92 Plus can be found at my 92 Plus page.